Not Enough Thoughts

Hi! I'm a researcher with a background in computer science, human-computer interaction, health informatics, and dialogue systems. I’ve studied interactive systems designed to promote health behavior change, such as regular exercise, improved diet, or medication adherence. Often, I’ve worked with conversational agents, or computer interfaces designed to simulate face-to-face conversation. I’m interested in areas including health psychology, health communication, nonverbal communication, and linguistics.

Currently, I hold a fellowship in medical informatics with the VA Boston Healthcare System.

For more detail on my research work, please see my CV (updated March 6, 2015).


Not Enough Thoughts is my semi-professional ideas and research blog. It is fairly wide-ranging, and includes a mix of comments on new (or newish) research, summaries of major concepts, and underdevloped ideas of my own. Sometimes card games appear too.


I’m easiest to find by email at , or via my institutional email at .