Not Enough Thoughts

Not enough thoughts: v3

Hmm… apparently I cannot leave well enough alone. I’ve rewritten this blog yet again. It should look pretty much the same, although there are some font changes and it’s a little more lightweight. A couple of things are broken at the moment, particularly the demos, but I think they’ll be back soon in one form or another.

The first version of this site was entirely static, generated with Hakyll, and later it was a more “traditional” database-driven site. The current version is statically-generated again, although using a custom-written generator rather than a framework like Hakyll. The custom-written code is a lot less flexible, but handles quite a few things that were difficult (if possible) to do with any framework I’ve seen.

Right now, the code is in rough shape — it’s messy, has a broken build process, and is badly mixed in with the templates for this site — but should be releasable as open source eventually.