dear big sister

Dear big sister
I have come to understand
that you are not a dragon
or a witch
or a secret dinosaur
or the lost queen of Phobos
the inner moon of Mars
whatever you may say

I can accept this
and I may be disappointed
but I am not sad
and I am not afraid
of fire
or magic potions
or sharp rows of teeth
three stories high

I do not worry
that the day will come
when your loyal subjects arrive
rejoicing and dancing to bring
your golden spacesuit
and your silver crown
before, with hugs and tears
you teleport away

Dear big sister
please do not misunderstand
please do not be afraid
I know you are not a dragon
or a witch
or a lost queen
but I will still yell
“fire, your highness!”
when you breathe


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2018-07-04 04:19 +0000