There should be a price for strangers
above coins
above blood
above rubies
traded fairly
skin for skin

There should be a separation
by barbed wire if needed
between all this
and the profane

There must be sanctuary
There must be protection
to hold in the empty and
the holy places
and to shape the ruins
where the demons may dwell

There should be accounting for children
ten by ten
ten by ten
gathered in righteousness
at every wall

There should be a greeting for the messengers
who come as many

There should be a greeting for the messengers
who come as few

There should be a crossing post
to mark the borders
between this world and the next

Perhaps this is the land where water rises
and the land where mountains fall

Perhaps this is the time of the prophetic wait
Perhaps this is the warnings that come before

Perhaps we are a kind and generous people

There should be angels to struggle on
There should be misnamed prayer
with foreign words

Perhaps we build this ruins
only to remember

Perhaps we will say
when the fire is gone down
that we are a kind
and a generous people
and we build these great ruins
so the demons can dwell


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2018-10-16 01:10 +0000