Werewolf Midrash

וַיַעַשׂ אֲדנָי אֱ-לֹהִים לְאָדָם וּלְאִשְׁתּוֹ כָּתְנוֹת עוֹר וַיַלְבִּשֵׁם

when we ate the last seeds
of the fruit of the tree
then we wore our new skin
and we saw we were human
by the blood of new thoughts
where they dripped from our teeth
and we knew we were gone
out from paradise

we ran low by the gates
down in dirt, down in dust
keening to the world out
to the east, to the sun
turning sharp in the sky
full of cherubic fire
and it said we were gone
out from paradise

I still knew it was you
sleek and lupine in fur
your face marked by the juice
of the pomegranate
as we looked to the moon
blind unburning and soft
to pretend we were not
out from paradise


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