Apologies From the Future

Apologies from the future
have begun to arrive
formed of casual pollution
of light and of heat and
of gamma-radiation bursts
made of human-shaped figures
that tell us unaccented
to avoid these solutions;
the story will always be the same.

We have been receiving and
we have been watching
runaway tachyon network beams
faster than luminescence
unorganized and bright
running against these
more pleasant and familiar times.

I have been watching and
I have been watching with her
as she changes her clothes and
the shapes of her faces to
suit the message and the mood
and I will be afraid for her
as the velocity of these new moments
continues to grow
and to grow.

Apologies from the future
by shaped figures who look like us
speaking fluidly and with long emphasis
on the newly archaic terms
and I believe I can see
the tremors of the throat places
and the curlings of the upper lips
at these discomforts which
they must discuss with us
yet again.

I will be watching and
I will be watching with him
as he shifts his addictions to
remain more exactly unmoving
for each of the brief
situational tragedies which
must be cathartic in small movements
again and again.

We have been receiving
runaway tachyon network beams
faster than understanding
unorganized and bright
running toward the release and familiar break
which he now and always expects
and looks toward as his cue
to join together with the dubbed chorus
and their lamentations.

Each story is short and I
do not believe he has ever
noticed the messages
that slide between.

Apologies from the future
with person-shaped words and
hesitating on the generationally
unfamiliar blasphemies
itching in antique clothes
twitching with clumsy plastic buttons
they tell us that
these are all brief tragedies;
the ending will always be the same.