kill your moments
all your moments
with hands and with teeth
with eyes and ears alone
suck them along the cheek
through the gaps left
of the loss of infant molars
and by cavities
and impacted wisdom
and swallow them whole
still moving
before the flee
or dissipate

experience these times
passing as digestion
and drink in the air
when they are down

embrace the selfishness
of lives lived by lists
of uniquities
and crowd out the rest

as we will

we will eat what we destroy
we will burn what we paint
we will spit what we write
we will

we will be unfantastical
we will not remain
under this bedrock
watching this pile
armored and throwing riddles
we will not hold

we will reach above
to the high peak
in the cloudless summer
when only the
distortions of the temperatue
interrupt the view

we will look with every eye
we will drink in the visions
of these all new things
we will eat them
we will swallow the sky

we will
kill our moments
as should you